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PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Review

A dumbbell set is an indispensable set of equipment in a gym or even for home workouts. When it comes to fitness enthusiasts who work out at home, buying too many dumbbells is too much of a hassle and also leads to cluttering. Traditional free weight dumbbells can take up a lot of room. Not just more room, you also need to spend more money to buy different sets of dumbbells. Because of all such reasons, adjustable dumbbell sets came into being and took the fitness industry by storm. Adjustable dumbbells don’t take up much space and also pack in a wide weight range within one set.

Powerblock offers one of the best adjustable dumbbells. Apart from being one of the most trusted companies in the fitness industry, Powerblock was in fact the first company to come up with the concept of adjustable dumbbells. It was found by two specialty fitness equipment designers. What brought them together was the shared desire for a system that would eliminate the need for a large number of dumbbell sets and old fashioned racks. Earlier, if someone wanted to work out at home, the only option was to purchase separate pairs for each weight amount. This not only required more space but also more money. And so, the PowerBlock “selectorized dumbbell” came into existence! Since then Powerblock products have undergone major changes in design and are now popular as one of the best adjustable dumbbells available in the market.

The brand offers its products in a number of series such as the urethane series, the sport series, and the elite (classic) series. The Elite series is one of the most popular ones especially for home athletes. The Elite series is available in three different dumbbell sets: the PowerBlock Elite 50, PowerBlock Elite 70, and PowerBlock Elite 90. As you must have guessed by now, the number on the end actually signifies the amount of weight, so each stage is 50 lbs, 70 lbs, and 90 lbs respectively.

We decided to review the Powerblock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells and figure out if they are really worth investing in your hard earned money.

What Makes The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Different?


When it comes to Powerblock elite dumbbells, quality is one thing that you will never have to worry about. All the sets are made in USA, so you can be assured that there’s no outsourcing to a different region for manufacturing that would result in a substandard quality. In fact, you get a ten year warranty for the Elite Dumbbells. This is something that not many dumbbell manufacturers offer.

Wide Weight Range

The most basic set of PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells is the 50 pound set. Initially this set works just fine. But as you advance in your workouts, you will want to move on to other higher weight sets. You can choose from the 70 Pound Set, 90 Pound Set and the 50-70 Pound Expansion Set. While the price is high, you must remember that one dumbbell set will replace 16 of your old traditional dumbbells or 825 lbs of free weights. You can adjust the weight in 2.5 pound increments per piece. Users take somewhere around 7 – 20 seconds to change the weight of the dumbbells.

Another great advantage of the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells is that the weight range can be expanded. For example, if you buy PowerBlock Elite 50 pound set and then later on realise the need for more weight, all you have to do is buy one of the expansion kits instead of buying an entirely new dumbbell set. The expansion kits are easy to install and save you from the trouble of replacing your complete set altogether. You can increase the maximum weight up to 130 pounds per dumbbell. That’s the highest range in the adjustable dumbbells category.

Aesthetic Appeal

Unlike the majority of adjustable dumbbells available out there, Powerblock Elite dumbbells stand out because of their beautiful exterior design which makes working out even more fun. The unique cube design is one-of-its-kind and interesting. There is a handle at the center but there are also 4 independent bars surrounding the handle which give it a cage like appearance. The top bars actually serve the purpose of wrist guards and are meant to prevent possible wrist injuries due to overbending.

Ease of Use

The main use of the adjustable dumbbells is to have the ability to change weight of the dumbbells quickly. With the Powerblock Elite dumbbell sets, you can easily do this. One must remember that there is no adjustable knob in the elite dumbbells to change weight. In fact you have a magnetic pin feature to choose the desired weight. You must ensure that the PowerBlock pin is placed firmly between the slots precisely so that the weights fit well.

The reason for weight change is due to the fact different body parts need different weight ranges for a proper workout. You can’t use the same weight you used to perform chest fly to perform shoulder exercises. It is important to build up strength over time rather than suddenly loading up with heavy weight.


Safety is of utmost importance especially when working out with dumbbells. The Powerblock elite dumbbells have a non-slip coating on the handles that prevent slipping. You are very likely to sweat during lifting, the coating prevents slipping and unwanted mishaps. Since these dumbbells are rectangular in shape, they don’t roll away unlike the circular or hex shaped dumbbells. This makes them extra safe to use.


One of the major pros of these dumbbells is their high durability. They come with a lifetime warranty of 10 years. They are also very stable because of their shape. Once you get used to changing the weights, it becomes a smooth process to do so. However, you must remember that changing weights in 2.5 lb increments takes longer than changing in 5 lb or 10 lb increments as you have to manually insert the 2.5 lbs weights. The bigger increments can be made using the selector pin.


There are also a few cons to the Powerblock dumbbells. One is that you can’t move the weights from the Powerblock to the barbell unlike other normal dumbbells. Some users have also reported that the handles are too thick to use with lifting hooks and the space around the handles is too cramped to use lifting straps.

The Final Verdict On The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells

PowerBlock dumbbells are generally very tough and can withstand all sorts of regular gym wear and tear. The Elite series is no different. The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells are perfect for performing a wide variety of strength training exercises and gain muscle mass. Though they make for an expensive investment, it’s definitely worth in the long term considering the massive warranty period. You can start by buying the basic Powerblock Elite 50 set and later on expand them to a weight of 90 lbs. This way you not only save money but also avoid lifting too heavy right from the start!

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