Bayou Fitness Pair Of 50 Lb. Adjustable Dumbbells Review

The Bayou Fitness Pair of 50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells can be adjusted from 10 pounds up to 50 pounds. This makes them very similar to Bowflex dumbbells but at a more affordable price. They work in a very similar way and have a weight selection knob that lets you choose your desired weight. When you lift them only the weights you have selected will come up with the bar. To adjust them again, just lower the bar back in and choose a different weight. This type of dumbbell takes the place of several different sets. has the best range of adjustable dumbbell sets including the Bayou Fitness Pair of 50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells. Click here to check it out. The Bayou Fitness Pair of 50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells also comes with a handy storage tray that you can use to rest them on. They also look very professional as they are made from stainless plated steel and are smaller in size to other dumbbells. This means they are easier to work with and you might find several exercises easier to do than with larger dumbbells. They really make an affordable option and will save lots of space in your workout area.

Bayou Fitness Pair of 50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells Features

• Can be adjusted from 10 pounds to 50 pounds.
• Made from durable chrome plate.
• Saves a lot of space.
• No need to have several sets of dumbbells.
• Compact and easy to use.

Bayou Fitness Pair of 50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

When researching this product we found a total of 9 reviews from buyers of the product. 7 of those buyers gave the dumbbells 5 stars out of 5 and the other 2 buyers gave it 4 stars. This means that the product will live up to the description and work great when you receive them. The feedback suggests that the Bayou Fitness Pair of 50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells are easier to change the weights than other adjustable dumbbells which can be tricky. They state that these dumbbells are made from a stronger material and not the plastic type that make them difficult to adjust. It seems a lot of the buyers were very tempted by Bowflex dumbbells but decided to try these and are really glad they did.


The Bayou Fitness Pair of 50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells are more affordable than Bowflex dumbbells but seem to deliver the same quality from the reviews we have found. They look very professional and are easy to adjust the weight. The fact that they adjust up to 50 pounds make them suitable for both men and women. So if you are looking for an affordable pair of adjustable dumbbells that will deliver on quality then these will almost certainly be the ones for you!

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