Bayou Fitness Pair Of Adjustable Dumbbells

There are a few brands of adjustable dumbbells available for the consumer to consider. For example, the Powerblock dumbbells for sale are one option. Another options is the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells. The dumbbells for Bayou are another option. This review looks at the Bayou Fitness Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells.

Positive Review Ratio: 23:02 (December 8, 2011)

Upside: Includes a storage tray; 50 pounds

Downside: If you choose the lighter version, only goes to a maximum of 25 pounds per dumbbell

  • Recommendation: Recommended (but only for those looking for a lighter set)


Bayou’s Fitness Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells, which comes complete with a storage tray, helps eliminate the need for multiple dumbbells in order to accomplish people’s fitness goals. The weights on these adjustable dumbbells can easily be adjusted from 5 to 25 lbs. by moving the knob to the desired weight. This feature allows these dumbbells to be a part of a person’s fitness routine from when they first start training, up to the time when they become more advanced.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Two Adjustable Dumbbells
  • Two Storage Trays
  • Adjusts From 5 To 25 lbs.
  • Made Of Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Steel

The Reviews

The current reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive (they have a 4.5 rating out 5 overall). Out of 25 reviews, 19 reviewers have given these adjustable dumbbells 5 out of 5 stars, while another 4 reviewers have given the product 4 out of 5 stars. People who have added these adjustable dumbbells to their fitness routine stress the sturdy construction of this product and how easy it is to adjust them, in comparison to other similarly priced items. These dumbbells have sturdy metal plates which prevents them from wearing out as quickly as the cheaper, all plastic, option that is also available for purchase. The grips are made of metal, which is an added bonus while using these to work out. There are a few plastic parts on these particular dumbbells, but even users who have been working out with them for 6 plus months haven’t had problems with the plastic breaking or wearing out.

These dumbbells are comparable in quality to the other weight adjustable dumbbells. The only real difference is that those other dumbbells can run $100 or more than the Bayou Fitness Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells. Due to their sturdy construction and ease of use, even high school coaches have used these dumbbells with their athletes. There are really only two downsides to these particular dumbbells. The first one is that they can make a clattering sound (from the metal plates knocking together while working out). The sound is not too loud though and no more noise than what you’d encounter while working out at a weight room in a gym. The other issue people have encountered is the fact that they only go up to 25 pounds, while some others go up to 50. This isn’t an issue for most people though, as they don’t really need the higher weight and people appreciate that they start at the lower 5 pound weight.


This product is Recommended by Adjustable Dumbbells Review. It is Recommended due to it’s sturdy construction and overall extremely positive reviews. Keep in mind that the 50 pound option is recommended as it will allow for more growth and use as you get stronger.

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