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Are you shopping for dumbbells? This gives you tips and recommendations on where to buy them at discounted prices, and which brands and models to get. We’ve tried to make this site a complete buyer’s guide to dumbbells, and hopefully we’ve succeeded. Go ahead and take a look around!


Benefits of working out with dumbbells

Working out with dumbbells is one of the most versatile methods to tone and build your muscles. Dumbbells are perfect for everyone, from beginner to advanced, thanks to the number of different workouts you can do with them, and the ability to increase the weight easily as you grow stronger. Dumbbells are especially great if you want an inexpensive and space-saving way of working out at home. Instead of buying 5 different machines, that cost an arm and a leg and takes up an entire room, you can just buy a few sets of dumbbells (or one adjustable pair) and that’s all you need. They don’t take up much space at all, and if you’re just starting out you can get a basic pair for very little money. If you’re a beginner we suggest that you start with 4 sets of 10-15 repetions for each exercise with light dumbbells. As you become more advanced, you can do less repetitions but use heavier weights.

Fixed weight or adjustable?

This is a question that can be debated for a long time, as they both have their pros and cons. The main pros of using fixed weight dumbbells is that they cost far less for a par. However, if you’re thinking of getting 4-5 pairs, the cost rises and it’ll probably be a good idea to consider getting just one pair of adjustable dumbbells instead. Using adjustable dumbbells saves a lot of space in your room, as you don’t have to store them in a big rack (you only need 2).

What to look for when buying dumbbells

There are a few things to consider before deciding which model to get. First of all, we recommend getting a well-known brand to make sure you’re getting high-quality dumbbells that are durable enough to last a while. Some of the most famous brands are PowerBlock, Bowflex and Cap Barbell. All of these are good. If you’re a beginner you should look for dumbbells with a padded grip, or else you’ll risk getting blisters from lifting them. That’s not a good thing as it can hamper your lust to continue working out.

Where to buy cheap dumbbells

We recommend that you check out first if you want to buy discount dumbbells. They have tons of different models and weights, from all the major brands. It’s very rare to find a store that’s cheaper than Amazon, and they also give you free shipping on most purchases (a big plus as dumbbells can be very heavy and costly to ship).

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