Dumbbell Exercises – The Superior Home Workout

A quality dumbbell set is a simple and inexpensive solution for the person who wants to get in shape quickly and wants to do it at home. Gym memberships can be expensive. Then there’s the gas for the drive back and forth several times a week, overcrowded workout space, waiting in line for the machines, and possibly daycare. An hour workout period can easily stretch to two or three by the time you get to the fitness center, put your time in and make your way back home. With a little equipment, including versatile adjustable dumbbells, you can easily squeeze a workout into your day without disrupting the rest of your schedule. Dumbbell exercises are great accompaniments for some of the popular new home fitness routines. These popular programs use minimal space and minimal equipment and still produce maximum results. While you may need a little dumbbell training, it doesn’t take long to learn how to work your muscles safely and correctly.

Unlike machines that only target one group at a time, you have the choice to isolate specific groups or incorporate more of your core muscles into each workout. Because you are not letting an exercise machine stabilize your body, you call all those extra muscles into action even while you are targeting a specific muscle set with the dumbbell exercises. For the most efficient way to build whole body strength, these dumbbell exercises can get the job done, giving you the most work-out in the fastest time. A dumbbell set allows for versatility that you can’t always get with exercise machines. Because they are designed to stabilize your body, they work in a fixed path. Not only do your other muscles get “time off,” but the equipment is designed to usually work both arms or both legs together and doesn’t allow you the freedom to work on one weaker muscle set independently. A free weight such as a dumbbell can really help you focus on muscles that need extra attention. Dumbells also allow you to incorporate a variety of exercises into your workout that are not available on typical exercise machines. With some dumbbell training you can find the best exercises for your unique body needs.

The basic concept behind the new adjustable dumbbells which come in a variety of styles is a comfortable handle that can manage a system of additional weight pieces instead of buying pairs of individual dumbbells of different weights. Although they are a little on the expensive side, adjustable dumbbells can work well for men or women.  Dumbbell sets range in weight from 3 lbs.–24 lbs., 5 lbs.–52.5 lbs. and 10 lbs.–90 lbs. Added extra weights is usually done in 3 or 5 pound increments. Dials or pins are moved to make adding extra weights quick and easy without disrupting your workout. Because of the compactness of these free weights, they fit especially well into a small home workout space, and they won’t be lying all over the place cluttering up your bedroom or living room. Most of the better quality dumbbells come with warranties that are good for 2–10 years, depending upon the brand. Some even have additional safety band features and cushioned handles that eliminate the need for wearing exercise gloves. If time, money and convenience are important to your lifestyle, a dumbbell set might be the perfect solution. At home workouts can be highly productive and fit more easily into busy schedules. Using free weights will allow you to build overall core strength while targeting specific areas. Adjustable dumbbells offer even more options and make getting in shape easier than it has ever been.

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