Performance Fitness Systems TB560

The Performance Fitness Systems’ TB560 workout set comprises a combination of adjustable dumbbells, as well as a stand. The equipment has been designed to make people’s workout regimen an enjoyable and effective exercise every time.  Another viable option of adjustable dumbbells for sale for those in the market for a space saving and cheaper alternative to regular dumbbells.


The Performance Fitness Systems TB560 comprises a compactly designed set of adjustable dumbbells, along with a strong stand made of firm steel. The dumbbell weight can be adjusted in 23 different ways, with the dumbbells ranging from 5lbs to 60lbs. in weight. Made of artificial steel, the dumbbell plates are not only durable but also easy to maintain and store without fear of getting rusted. The plates are nicely arranged in a storage container that comes with the package. Performance Fitness Systems has also been careful to provide a comprehensive workout schedule and a training manual for beginners.

Product Features and Specifications

The TB560 workout set by Performance Fitness System offers a number of features, practical for a strenuous exercise routine. These include:

  • Can be used for over 50 exercise routines such as flies, curls, tricep extension, bench presses and shoulder presses among many others
  • Adjustable dumbbells made of cast iron
  • Two Turbo bells
  • Strengthened stand made of steel
  • Weight adjustment can be done easily, adding 2.5 lbs. per plate
  • Each plate has its own specific place and is easily adjustable
  • Product manufactured and tried under the supervision of professional physiologists and licensed physical fitness instructors

The Reviews

These Performance Fitness Systems TB560 adjustable dumbbells for sale have received an online rating of 4 stars, which means most users have found it to be useful and true to the promise it makes. A total of 18 people have given it ratings, which is a small but considerable number of people to be considered for a sample. Among these:

  • Five users have given it 5 stars
  • Eleven have rated it with 4 stars
  • One has given it a 3-star rating
  • One has rated it as a 1-star product

The product has overwhelmingly been applauded for the value of money it provides as compared to its competitors. That is one quality that even the staunchest critics of the product have accepted in their reviews. However, some users have expressed their dismay at the quality of the product they received. Overall, the TB560 has not only been successful due to its easily adjustable dumbbells, but can also be considered as a viable option for beginners or those who are on a budget.


The product is Recommended by Adjustable Dumbbells Review.  Since majority of the reviews have given these adjustable dumbbells ratings of 4 and 5, it is easy to judge that the product has been a success among them. The questions about its quality are also balanced out when one considers the considerably lower rates at which it is being marketed.

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