Power Block Adjustable Dumbbells Elite 90 Review

Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Reviews – The PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell Elite 90 ‘s is one of the big boys on the block.  This very versatile and effective adjustable dumbbell sets keeps you from having to buy several dumbbells as it is all in one.  PowerBlock Elites are a pair of 90 lb.dumbbells that are able to adjust from 5 pounds all the way up to 90 pounds.  This replaces in effect 28 individual weights. The PowerBlock Elites are more compact than some larger rivals.  The handle sits inside the weights and is padded to protect the wrists.

The PowerBlock Elite 90′s work just like a weight set at the gym.  Each weight set fits inside another and when the weight needs to be changed, you simply move the pin.  The weights above the pin are all lifted at the same time. In addition, there is a expansion kit that is sold separately.  This allows the user to raise the weights from 90 lbs to 130…a handy benefit…especially for the weight lifter who is continually getting stronger.   The PowerBlock Elites also come with a limited 10-year warranty.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions are 16x6x6
  • The PowerBlock Elites replace 28 dumbbell sets or 2,565 lbs of free weights.
  • Easy to adjust in 5 lbs increments for circuit training or for bulk training.
  • The black powder-coated dumbbells are durable, compact and well balanced.

What Consumers have To Say…

For those users who want to use a dumbbell that can adjust to 90 lbs and have the choice of an add on kit for up to 130 lbs per hand, the PowerBlock Elites are a great deal. The handles are very comfortable, with one user saying he no longer needs to use his weight gloves.  Users agree that they enjoy the compact feel of these PowerBlocks  and ease of changing weights.  The durability of the PowerBlocks is fantastic as well, no reason to fear dropping them after a heavy set. There were a few drawbacks to the PowerBlock Elites.  One user noted that the more weight you add, the bulkier they become.  

Another user commented that when you want to adjust in 2.5 lbs increments, that the plates have to be adjusted one at a time.  Also, it is important to take your time in adjusting these as the pin may become stuck. After reviewing the PowerBlock Elites, customer satisfaction was high overall.  Several users commented to not let the box look fool you, that these were very comfortable.  The fact that you can increase these weights with a seperate add on kit up to 130lbs, along with the 10 year warranty, make the PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbells Elite 90′s  a great buy.

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