PowerBlock Classic Dumbbells – Reviewed

For a long time, strength training could only be done at a professional gym or with an expensive weight system. Gyms can cost thousands of dollars a year. Weight systems are nice to use because they are at home and ready to use when you want to. However, they often cost just as much as a gym and take up a lot of space. Dumbbells are a great way to strength train at home. Typical dumbbell sets consist of a dozen or more individual dumbbells. Not only does this type of set take up a lot of room, but it costs a lot and you can easily misplace a dumbbell and no longer have a pair. Also, after you have trained for a while, the lighter dumbbells may no longer be of any use to you and will just collect dust. I discovered the PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set and I’m able to strength train at home and on my own time. This set is far different from traditional sets. The weights in this set come in a block, similar to the weights on the machines at the gym. Each weight fits into the next, so you adjust the dumbbells by moving the pin. The weights are in 5 pound increments, from 5 pounds all the way to 45 pounds for each hand.

This dumbbell set takes up hardly any space and I can get the workout I need with whatever weights I want. Normally, you would need anywhere from 9 to 18 dumbbells to get these different weights. The PowerBlock Classic makes it easy to have a full dumbbell set ready to use at home. There are many other adjustable dumbbell sets on the market that are very expensive. The PowerBlock Classic Dumbbell Set is reasonably priced compared to almost any professional machinery that you can buy. They are built solid and even have a 10 year warranty. I went to the sports store and tried many other brands of adjustable dumbbells that were around the same price and these were easily the most sturdy and easy to use. These dumbbells are square in shape, but they function just like normal dumbbells. The handle is still in the middle and the outsides are cushioned – I really cannot tell the difference. I am able to do every exercise with these dumbbells including bench press, military press, seated curls, tricep extensions, deadlifts, and squats. If 45 pounds for each arm becomes too light for you, you can buy upgrades for the PowerBlock Classic to further increase the weight. The set even has upgrades that will let you increase the weight in 2.5 pound increments.

I would say that the one possible flaw that I find with this dumbbell set has to do with the pin. If you are not careful, you may place the pin upside down or at an angle. An incorrectly placed pin can cause one of the disks to slide and could cause damage or injury. This issue is pretty easy to resolve by thoroughly reading the instruction manual and taking your time when placing the pins. Be sure that the weight set is flat and that the pin is placed right-side up and straight into the weight set. There is also an elastic cord and magnet system that is used to keep the pin in place. Again, a lot of what can go wrong with the pin has to do with not paying attention and not reading the instructions, so make sure that you know what you are doing and are willing to take the time so that nothing bad happens. The PowerBlock Classic is an economical and space-saving way to get a workout at home. This is a great set for people who may not have a lot of room to work out. This dumbbell set is also great to use with many of the popular exercise plans that are out today. This adjustable dumbbell set makes it easy to change weights – you no longer have to search the room looking for the weights that you need. Many of the exercise plans today use several kind of exercises completed one after another. This set makes it easy to quickly change out the weights so that you can go from one exercise to the next.

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